Is canned pineapple bad for you?

Is canned pineapple bad for you

Is canned pineapple is bad for you?

The answer is no, it depends on the supplier. People prefer to repeat purchase the same brand because they believe this brand’s quality, the famous brand is very popular in the market expecially food. Like Dole…  There are two points when we are going to place an order.

  • The processing complies with the production standard
  • Quality control

Pineapple is a sweet and sour taste fruit. And it is a good material of many dishes, like Pizza, Sweet, and Sour Pork…

However, fresh fruit is a seasonal crop. Even though pineapple has four crops, there are only 4 months each year if you want to buy a fresh and full ripe pineapple. Furthermore, the shelf life of fresh fruit is short.

Therefore, canned pineapple is a better choice instead of fresh pineapple. Then the question is coming, people always worry if canned pineapple is harmful, because it is a processed good.

Is canned pineapple bad for you?

There is no need to worry, let’s check the basic nutrition and the processing.

Firstly, let’s begin with the basic nutrition

As the table, canned pineapple’s data is higher than fresh pineapple because canned fruit is typically packed in fruit juice.

But we offer canned pineapple in light syrup,BRIX is 14-16%,it is healthier.

Basic nutrition


Carbohydrates Fiber Sugar

One cup of fresh pineapple chunks


21.7 grams 2.3 grams 16.3 grams
One cup of drained, canned pineapple chunks typically packed in fruit juice  



28.2 grams


2.4 grams

25.8 grams

Then, let’s check the processing.

Pineapple must be fresh, non-rotted, pest-free.
Sugar and 0.1% citric acid are the additives only
Disinfecting empty can with boiling water of 90~100 °C for 3~5 minutes
Vacuum filling and seal.
Sterilizing the sealed can in boiling water and kept for 15 minutes at least

In a word

From the nutrition to the processing, canned pineapple is safe canned food, but in light syrup will be healthier.
As a professional canned pineapple supplier, we have high-sugar, medium-sugar and low-sugar canned pineapples for choice.