Canned Pineapple Chunks

Product Description:
Canned pineapple chunks is an easy way to get fruit into your diet year-round with the needed nutrients particularly when price waste and time to prepare are considered.

For your convenience, it is available in Chunks, Tidbits, Slices, Crushed and Pieces in light syrup or heavy syrup without worrying about out of store and complaints because of the capacity and the supervisory system.

Firstly,advanced production lines with the strong technical force and 2000 hectares pineapple plantation make sure the annual output so that it is the largest canned pineapple production and export base in China.

  • 20,000 tons canned pineapple
  • 10,000 tons pineapple juice concentrate
  • 5,000 tons pineapple drinks

Secondly, each canned pineapple production process is monitored by artificial to make sure the export quality based on the fresh pineapple.

It has been exported to many High-end Markets including Europe and the United States, Russia, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia, South Korea, Japan, more than 40 countries especially established long-term cooperation relationship with Pizza Hut for a few years.


230 g=8 oz        9 tins/ctn

425 g=15 oz       24 tins/ctn

567 g=20 oz       24 tins/ctn

850 g=30 oz       24 tins/ctn

3005 g=106 oz   6 tins/ctn

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Main Items

Canned pineapple with its sweet tangy flavor, is a great compliment to all types of dishes including appetizers, main dishes, salads, side dishes, beverages and desserts. Here are some quick and easy serving ideas:
Pineapple Chunks are great with chicken or pork stir-fries, rice dishes, fruit or green salads and as topping over desserts.

canned pineapple tidbits

Canned Pineapple Tidbits

canned pineapple chunks

Canned Pineapple Chunks

canned pineapple slices

Canned Pineapple Slices

canned pineapple pieces

Canned Pineapple Pieces

canned pineapple crushed

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Loading Capacity Container

Carton Size

230 g*9 tins per ctn size: 7.8*30.8*20.5 cm
425 g*24 tins perctn size: 30*5*23*23.8 cm
567 g*24 tins per ctn size: 34.5*26*23.2 cm
850 g*24 tins per ctn size: 41*31*25*5 cm
3006 g*6 tins per ctn size: 47*31.5*18.2 cm

20 GP

230 g : 6484 ctns/20gp
425 g : 1700 ctns/20gp
567 g : 1300 ctns/20gp
850 g : 850 ctns/20gp
3005 g : 1000 ctns/20gp


Gross Weight
425 g G.W. 12 kgs/ctn
567 g G.W. 16 kgs/ctn
850 g G.W. 23.5 kgs/ctn
3005 g G.W. 21 kgs/ctn

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