Chineses Dumplings Chinese Traditional Food

Chinese Dumplings is one of  Chinese traditional food. It is a kind of folk food with a long history. Eating dumplings is a tradition for the Chinese people during the Spring Festival. It is a way to express people’s wishes when they resign and welcome the new. Now, as common food, more and more people love dumplings, not only as a symbol of the festival but also as daily food.

There are many kinds of fillings for dumplings. You can be adjusted according to your favor and creativity. In China, different fillings have different meanings. Such as shiitake mushroom fillings, which means more and more wealth will come around you. It calls Gu Cai Dumpling.

Also, there are various cooking methods: boil, fry, steam, fry, roast, and bake.

Now, you can buy frozen dumplings from the market with different fillings. It is very convenient. Some of the suppliers create a few new fillings with Regional Features. For example, crayfish dumplings, it uses red pepper, full of  Sichuan flavor. Hot & Spicy, springy crayfish. It is a very special taste.

But if you are looking for better taste, make it by yourself. Since it is fresh and you can choose different fillings. Another reason is the filling processed by the machine, it tastes like cotton candy. The ingredients are more delicate and the taste is worse than that of the chopped fillings.

What are the most common materials that can be used for fillings?

Meat: pork, beef, lamb, seafood

Vegetables: cabbage, leeks, fennel,cabbage, most of the vegetable is suitable for fillings

Increase crispiness: fresh corn, fungus, Chinese water chestnut

Others: egg, pickled vegetable,  kimchi

With different condiments, you will get hundreds of flavors. You can also try spicy Chinese dumplings.

Today, we show you one flavor I like, pickled vegetable beef Chinese Dumplings.

Chineses Dumplings Chinese Traditional FoodChineses Dumplings Chinese Traditional Food