Aloe Vera Drink

Product Description: Aloe Vera Drink is more and more popular with people because of Aloe Vera Juice benefits.

People know the Aloe Vera plant is a non-poisonous, juicy plant. This plant is widely used in Medicine and Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Also you can see it on the dining table, a cup of mixed juice, an aloe dish or soup… More convenient, you can choose Aloe Vera Drink instead.

Winz provide Aloe Vera Drink with different flavors and formula. For example, Original flavor, Mango flavor, Coconut flavor, Strawberry flavor… If you have nominated flavor and formula our factory can also handle. OEM as your sample or ODM are both acceptable. You can choose the flavor and formula from our existing products using your own brand and label.

Our factory is one of the suppliers of Wal-Mart. Production follows the standard of ISO/HACCP/HALAL/SC.
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Health benefits of Aloe Vera Juice
1. Anti-aging and Moisturizing
2. Skin care and Hair care
3.Source of vitamins and minerals
4.. Improves the immune system and Detoxification
5. Helps the fertility
6. Anti-inflammatory and Digestive aid and gut health
7. Repair damaged tissue

Aloe Vera Drink benefits
1. Detoxification and anti-inflammatory
2. Digestive aid and gut health
3. Improves the immune system
4. Anti-aging and Moisturizing

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Main Items

Aloe Vera Drink offers a health and beauty choice.

There are different capacity, 250 ml, 330 ml, 500 ml, 1 L

aloe vera drink

500 ml Aloe Vera Drink

aloe vera drink

500 ml Original Aloe Vera Drink

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250 ml : 24 bottles/ctn, 2500 ctn/20GP

330 ml : 24 bottles/ctn, 2400 ctn/20GP

500 ml : 24 bottles/ctn, 1546 ctn/20GP

1L : 12 bottles/ctn, 1600 ctn/20GP

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