Pressure Cooker

Product Description:

pressure cooker speeds up the cooking times up to 75%.
The food keeps the nutritional and vitaminic values and the minerals, better than a rice cooker.
Safety cooking, enjoy the delicious food with your family and friends

A messy kitchen gives you quite upset?
There are lots of cookers everywhere,
some tools you use several times only but you cannot throw away
But now you can keep a clean and tidy kitchen
This electric pressure cooker has multifunction, 18 in 1
multi-cooker,porridge, fry, rice and cereals, steam, stew and slow stew,
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Have you or your children ever been scalded by accident when the cooker is heating?
You do not need to worry about that now
According to the test, our cooker’s cover temperature can maintain below 50℃ during cooking processing.
The common cover temperature is 65-85℃ in this industry,our model is more safety!
Let’s show you the test.

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pressure cooker


pressure cooker


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Canton Box: 345*705*365mm(5L)
Canton Box: 345*705*390mm(6L)
Gift Box: 330*343*355mm,8KG

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